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How does Digital Media helps us in breaking the female stereotype images?

Navodita Chakraverty

(Sem: 03, Dept. of English)


How does Digital Media helps us in breaking the female stereotype images?

Undoubtedly “Digital Media” is playing vital role in breaking all the female stereotype images in different successful ways but we still have to cover a long distance to achieve.

At first, It is very important to know not only about “Digital Media” but also about “Female Stereotype images”. For “Digital Media”- It is an online platform used for communicating, transferring information just by one click without going anywhere. On the other hand “Female Stereotype images” are the general conceptions regarding female that may be false in many cases. There are many social media platforms or applications that are used widely. But the question is how exactly it helps or will help in breaking female stereotype images.

Let us define the same by saying “yes”, it can really help a lot in breaking that images by awaring us, creating a digital platform where women can share their thoughts, talents, raise their voices, fight for their equality, empowering themselves in many ways, educating themselves etc. Advertisements can also play a vital role in encouraging and questioning in many ways. For example, a very popular advertisement shows that how a little girl, who wants to go to the moon asked her grandfather-“Why never a girl went to the moon?” The curiosity of her question revealed here and then her grandfather gifted her a telescope on her birthday while everyone gifted her a doll. This advertisement also broke that stereotype of giving dolls to a girl.

Why we classify toys according to the gender? For instance- giving cars to the boys and dolls to the girls. Slowly but steadily we’re breaking these kinds of orthodox mentality as we’re educating ourselves.

As we all know that everything possesses two sides- having advantages and disadvantages. Science and technology possesses the same - boon or curse but it totally depends on how we use or take it. And this implies on digital media too. Digital media being a boon or a curse totally depends on our way to use. If we use it judiciously for gaining knowledge, spreading awareness, learning new things, enhancing our skills then it considers as a boon and in contrary, when we misuse it by wasting our time, involving in illegal activities, (we all know internet or digital platform can be used for several illegal activities) spreading fake news etc. then it may consider as a curse.

Hopefully, females are breaking all such stereotypical barriers and working in every walks of life , showing their skills, talents and glorifying the name of our country. Our government is also encouraging, motivating, empowering and educating women in many possible ways. And surely the day will come when we will able to break this female stereotype images completely.

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