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Ravi Shashank

English Department, Sem- 6

Santal Pargana College, Dumka

Where are you ma?

I'm stuck in barbed wire,

Tired dodging crossfire.

Feeling worthless in family tree,

Come back, set me free.

They call me infection,

Contaminating whole section.

Crying in shame,

Surviving like a lame.

Look! I'm raising my hand,

Pull me out of this quicksand.

Can you see me from there,

Come soon, before I declare.

The Streetlight

No moon, lonesome night.

Walking down dark street,

in search of light,

Lost the vision of my life,

Didn't know how to fight.

Satan awakes in laughter,

says "you can’t be a drafter".

you are over, end life faster,

lost skill to build character.

I Sat down in dismay, Didn't know what to say.

Venus came all the way, to pull me out of my gray.

Look up at streetlight, she said,

Life’s like it in many ways.

It Consists of three layers,

you are the filament that lights,

I’m the glass cover, protecting you day and night.

Remember your family, standing in a maze,

Similar as the outermost layer of light,

To provide you the energy to fight,

To always glow without a fright.

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