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Role of Chemistry in different field

Dr Kumar Sourav

Assistant professor ,Department of Chemistry

S.P.College, Dumka (SKMU)

Role of Chemistry in different field

We live in the most advanced scientific and technological society in history. New discoveries have led to improvements and benefits in our daily lives, but also to new societal problems. It is through chemistry that we can make major contributions to improve the quality of life and to advance the human condition around the globe. Chemistry is the key to eradicating disease and reducing poverty. Chemical research and technology can provide clean water and nutritious food, meet energy demands, and help lead to sustainable development everywhere. Science and technology are the engines that drive our economy. A top priority for the nation is to support research and development in modern science, encourage creativity and innovation. Explorations for alternative, renewable and sustainable source of energy to meet the demands of modern society should be supported by business and government.

Role of chemistry in society

Applications of chemical science have contributed significantly to the advancement of human civilization. With a growing understanding and ability to manipulate chemical molecules, the post-world war II chemist was considered a societal problem solver. They synthesized crop enhancing agricultural chemicals to ensure a constant and viable food supply. They played a significant role in the eradication of deadly diseases by developing life saving pharmaceuticals and chemical pesticides. Chemists also developed innovative plastics and synthetic fibres for use in a both industrial and consumer products.

Chemistry in agricultural fields

In the field of Agriculture, chemicals are used by farmers and gardeners. They use chemicals to prevent their plants and crops from insects, bacteria and fungus etc. these chemicals are insecticides, fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are used to avoid and to get the best results on the day of harvest. Farmers use these pesticides to kill insects like grasshoppers, bugs etc. Moreover, it helps to prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria or viruses on the crops.

Chemistry in medicinal field

Chemistry is vital to the creation and testing of medications. Without chemistry, we would have no drugs. Using their knowledge of chemical reactions, pharmaceuticals chemists develop new drugs and test them in labs, animals and humans. In the past, medicine was based on the observation. Without the right tools or information, doctors weren’t sure why certain substances worked or didn’t work, but as science progressed, the reasoning became clear. Even today, many medicines hit the shelves without a full understanding of why they work, but their effects are obviously beneficial. How medications interact with the body – in both good and bad ways- is a matter of chemistry. It contributes the better health and sanitation. It has provided mankind with a large number of life saving drugs. Analgesics have reduced pain of different types. Antibiotics have helped to curb infection and cure diseases. Tranquilizers have help to reduce tension and bring about calm and peace to patients suffering from mental diseases. Antiseptics such as dettol are used to stop infection of the wounds.

Chemistry helps to protect the environment

Environmental chemists play a key role in protecting the environment. The study the chemicals and chemical reactions in the air, water and soil. With their knowledge and tools these chemists learn how human activity affects the environment and what chemical reactions can be employed to make air, water and soil cleaner and healthier. Chemistry is also important in the development of green technologies and sustainable fuel.

Chemistry in food industry

Chemistry has major importance in food processing sector. Food chemistry is the study of chemical processes and interactions between all biological and non – biological components of foods. It informs us about changes in foods taking place during processing and storage. Also, it provides techniques and ways either to enhance the changes in food like enhancement of fermentation by conversion of lactose to lactic acid by microorganisms or to prevent changes in foods like prevention of browning in apples and pears. Various household chemicals help in preservation of foods like use of common salt in pickles, chutney, sauces etc. these increase the osmotic pressure of food and decrease the water activity, which further prevents the growth of microorganisms in food. Chemical preservatives like sodium benzoate, calcium propionate, vinegar, citric acid etc plays major role in preservation of fruits and vegetables products like jam, jellies, pickles, ketch-ups, non-alcoholic beverages etc and bakery products like bread, cakes etc. all these chemicals either inhibit the activity of microorganisms or destroy them.

Apart from these some more application of chemistry in our daily life is given below:

i) Synthetic fibres: chemistry provides a large number of synthetic dyes which imparts bright and fast colour to the clothes.

ii) Building materials: by supplying steel and cement, chemistry helps in the construction of safer homes and multi storage buildings.

iii) Metals like gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminium, zinc and a large number of the alloys are used for making various objects. These makes ornaments, utensils, coins etc.

iv) Detergents, oils and fats, sugar, paper, glass, plastic, paints, cosmetics, perfumes, cooking gas etc made our homes more comfortable.

v) Petrol, diesel, coal etc are all chemical products which used in transport and communication.

vi) Fireworks, which assumes us on festival and marriages are chemical products.

vii) Cinema, video cameras, simple cameras make use of films which are made of celluloid and coated with suitable chemicals.

viii) Chemistry plays an important role in the discovery of highly explosive substances such as TNT, nitroglycerine, dynamite etc.

Hence, chemistry is understood as a complicated and a boring science subject, but chemistry is solely responsible in explaining the world you live in, apart from explaining cooking, cleaning, medicine and environment issues; chemistry is in essence the study of everything. We are using chemistry when we cook, when we wash, when we eat, when we play, as a matter of fact, we always use chemistry.

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