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Stress Management

Dr. Seema Kumari

Assistant Professor

( Psychology)

S.P. College Dumka


Stress Management

The Present study is Stress Management involves changing the stressful situation when one can, changing their reaction when one can’t taking care of their self, and making time for rest and relaxation, A counselor tries to strengthen the relationships of that stressed person with others.

When a stressed person has trusted friends and family members he knows that he can count on, life’s pressures don’t seem as overwhelming. So one need to spend time with the people he or she loves and don’t let his/her responsibilities keep him/her from having a social life. If he/she doesn’t have any close relationships, or his/her relationships are the source of your stress, make it a priority to build stronger and more satisfying connections with others.

Here are some tips for reaching our and building relationships

- Help someone else by volunteering

- Have lunch or coffee with a co-worker

- Call or e-mail an old friend

- Go for a walk with a workout buddy

- Schedule a weekly dinner date

- Take a class or join a club

In spite of above tips a counselor can also suggest some ways for relaxation so that a stressed person can control the maximum level of stress.

Relaxation techniques such as Yoga, meditation, and Deep Breathing activate the body’s relaxation response, a state of Restfulness that is the opposite of the stress response.

Progressive muscle relaxation is another effective and widely used strategy for stress relief. It involves a two-step process in which you systematically tense and relax different muscle groups in the body. Getting a Massage provides deep relaxation, and as the muscles in your body relax, so does your overstressed mind.

Introduction - connectivity is human right. social media has played a key role in democratising our discourse. here social that means in our society to interact with people to share and receive information from them. And the term media that means like TV, radio, newspaper and etc. In another words social media is a source which connect people with each other despite the distance.

"The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people"

if we zerod ourselves then there is a lot of things about social media. For example if we talk about Facebook then we see that a large number of people use it for different different purpose it helps people to make meaningful friends with new people, increases productivity, music, videos, to share their parts of lives and for business purpose. Actually there is lots of thing which we can explain and in the platform of social media there is many things which people use it for their benefit. Now these days not some people but a large number of people is attached with this. Especially the youth's are too much involved. So, there is numerous advantages and disadvantages.

Features- if we look at the positive side of social media then there is infinitive features.

Entertainment- there is no doubt that social media become most entertaining source to entertain people. And as we know that entertainment is the most important part of life. Because a healthy mind needs a healthy body. And the entertainment is the source which cleans our mind and gives us time to be relax.

Education- it's an indispensable source for gaining knowledge and education. If we have any problem during studies then with a single touch we find the solution. And the education that doesn't mean that we become bookworm we have to explore ourselves in every field.

Advertisement- people can advertise their product for the purpose of good marketing. Which gives them popularity and people also attract.

Employment- With the help of social media people get opportunities to get employed.

Show talent- With the help of social media's platforms like facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram etc people are able to show their hidden talent. And give the actual direction of their talent. So that they become fluence on this.

Awareness- social media helps us to aware and always updated. we all are able to aware latest news and the issues of world that what's going near around us.

Now social media change the way of journalists. People are also advance. No one want to limit their selves. They expect to be able to choose what they want and whatever they believe. They should be able to contribute their own ideas, opinion, like, dislike, and with the help of social media it is all possible. Now people can raise their voice on any particular matter either it sensitive or not. They have freedom of speaking and take action on any matter which they want.

And in the time of covid-19 we saw that with the help of social media how people help each other in every field either the matter is about food, entertainment, medical support or mental support or etc.

Disadvantages- as we know about numerous advantages there is numerous disadvantages also. It is considered as a harmful element of society. Because it is not fully safe to share happenings just because if people over share their happenings then it lead cybercrime and also help the hacker's to hack. It affect people mentally as well as physically financially.

Student waste their time on social media instead of study.

Sometimes fake news is spread amongst people and create misunderstanding.

It causes health related problems.

It gives people license to hurt.

The youth's are totally affected by social media. They spent their whole time on social media. Which affects their eyesight.

Epilogue- So there is both advantages and disadvantages. if people use it as a good sense then it is helpful otherwise it react like termite. so it totally depend on users that how they use it. And as we all know that "excess of anything is harmful" so keep balance. If we maintain the balance between advantages and disadvantages than there is no doubt that it proves to be good for us. As we all know that

"Life isn't about finding yourself.

life is about creating yourself. "

And social media gives everyone that platform to do what they want to do in their life. There is no any limitations. People are always able to stand for his own and for the help of others.

"Social tools are not just about giving people voice but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute and connect"

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